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Formatting Your Manuscript

This is going to be a short post today since I wiped out on some ice in the garage yesterday and am hobbling around like I was in a car accident. My husband said I’m lucky I’m still young or I would have gotten seriously hurt. He then went on to point out in a few decades or so, I might not be so lucky, and maybe I better try to be more graceful by then. Thanks. That’s very helpful.


Anyway, here are some basic guidelines to follow when you’re formatting your manuscript:

  • 12 pt. font, Times New Roman, black ink. Some people will say Courier is acceptable too, but that’s more of a screenplay thing.
  • One inch margins all around.
  • Page number upper right, header that says “your last name/name of manuscript” upper left on every single page.
  • Left justified, right ragged. NEVER justify the right side, or center your text.
  • Double line spacing.
  • One space only after the end of a sentence.


Also, the best advice I’ve ever read from a literary agent on formatting your manuscript is from Vickie Motter. Her post is here. Check it out!


Two Blog Awards in one day: 7X7 and The Versatile Blogger

Wow, what an honor! Two blog awards in one day! Thank you so much, Liz, for The Versatile Blogger award, and thank you, C.B. Wentworth, for the 7X7 blog award! I’ve said it before, but I will say it again; it’s so nice to know people appreciate what I’m doing!

I’m going to combine the award requirements together. Here are the requirements:

7×7 award:

Share something about yourself others don’t know.

Link seven posts from your blog that you think are worthy.

Nominate seven other blogs for the award that haven’t received it yet.

Versatile blogger award:

In order to pick up the awards, you must do the following:

Thank and link to the person who nominates you.

Share seven random facts about yourself.

Pass the award to fifteen more blogger friends.

Contact and congratulate the blogs nominated.

So I’m going to share and link to fifteen blogs. If I nominate you, pick one of the awards and pass it on!

Excellent blogs:

Sparks and Butterflies: I just found this blog yesterday, and it’s excellent! I love her unique view of things, and it’s nice to know there are other people going through the same things that I am.

The Blabbermouth- Linda P. Epstien: Great, in-depth advice from Ms. Epstien, a literary agent.

Aimee Duffy’s blog: She’s slaving away in the trenches like the rest of us, hoping to get published. Let’s give her some support! (She’s also my CP!)

Literary Wonderland: A new blog, just starting out, with some good advice for writers.

Olivia Miles-Modern romance Writer: Another one slaving away in the trenches. I love to follow her progress; and she’s super nice. Let’s give her some support!

Louise Curtis: She just had a new baby and she’s still writing! She’s a superhero!

Kristen Lamb’s Blog: A published author with excellent advice!

Rhonda Saunders: A writer who just got THE CALL! I’m so excited for her (and a little jealous!).

Shannon Howell: Another aspiring writer with good advice!

Slush Pile Tales: A blog by literary agent Lauren Ruth. She also offers query critiques occasionally! WOW!

Whispered Writings: Rachel has excellent advice for aspiring authors. Definitely worth a look.

Carly Watters; Literary Agent Blog: Another blog by a literary agent with excellent advice.

Brad Geagley: Great advice from a published author.

Amalie Berlin-Waxing Lackadaisical- Writing, food, advice, what’s not to love?

Let the Words Flow: a community blog written by a range of authors, from those still writing their first manuscript to those who are published!

Seven interesting things about me:

1. Two weekends ago, we got thirty-four inches of snow, from Friday to Sunday morning!

2. I have two cats, a dog, a son, and a husband!

3. Our house is close to a hundred years old.

4. I spent two hours this morning sharpening all my son’s crayons, because he won’t color with blunt ones.

5. While I was cooking super last night, my son colored all over the inside of his pack-n-play with a rogue crayon he had hidden from me. Whoever said these crayons are washable is a liar!

6. I own over five hundred books. My husband says our house is going to cave in from the weight of them. (see interesting fact #3.)

7. I grew up a short walk from the biggest fresh-water lake in the world!

And finally, the seven posts I have written (Some of these are ones that got lots of comments; some are ones I think are important):

1. Newer YA Books You’ll Love to Read

2. Facing Discouragement as a Writer

3. What is Voice in Literature?

4. Writing: A Leap of Faith

5. 41,500 Words: The Return of the Inner Editor

6.  Pen Vs. Computer

7. Rejection, Criticism, and the Writing Life

Big News: Two Full Manuscript Requests!

Sorry for the delay on our series on querying agents, but I have big news! Imagine my surprise when yesterday afternoon, I opened my email to find not one but TWO full requests from agents! One was from the agent I submitted my partial too; the other was from a different agent! Needless to say I’ve been reading over my manuscript and synopsis one more time, and am hoping to get them sent late tonight or early tomorrow morning! YAY!

Partial Request of my Manuscript!!

Sorry folks, the query letter series will have to wait one more day, because yesterday I got my first partial request for my new manuscript! WHOO HOOO! I totally wasn’t expecting it either, because I’ve only sent my query out to a select few agents. I was SHOCKED to see it in my inbox yesterday!

Okay, okay, I know I shouldn’t get my knickers in a knot. I’m trying not to get my hopes up too much, because then they’ll have so much farther to fall. But I will say this. This partial request couldn’t have come at a better time. If you follow my blog at all, you know how discouraged I’ve been lately. A small part of me was even wondering if I should throw in the towel, while a much larger (and much louder) part of me was yelling at the smaller part. This yelling was mostly made up of unsavory names, such as “quitter” and “dream crusher,” among other, much worse names I can’t repeat on this blog.

Anyway, this was exactly the boost I needed to get back to work. My sprits are lifted and hope has sprung eternal once again.