New Experiences

I’m taking a day out from the series on querying agents to talk about new experiences. Tomorrow, we will resume the series by talking about the actual query letter.

I spent almost all of yesterday sitting on the floor of the bathroom while my son learned to use the potty. He did it!!! He peed and pooped in his potty. Of course, now he’s obsessed with using it, and wants to try all the time. So much for leisurely potty training sessions.

As my son gets older, I think about how all these “firsts” are passing me by; his first tooth, his first word, his first steps, the first time he used his spoon alone, and now the first time he used his potty. He’s growing up so fast, and while I want nothing more than for him to be a healthy, happy little boy, a part of me is achingly sad knowing my time with him is limited, that someday, he’ll leave and I’ll be lucky to see him several times a year. It makes my heart break a little every time I think about it.

I hear you, though. You’re wondering, what does this have to do with writing? Well, I’ve been trying to cheer myself up by thinking of all the “first” writing experiences I hopefully have ahead of me; the first time an agent wants to represent me, the first time I sign with an agent, the first submission to a publisher, etc. All of these firsts, both with my son and with writing, are hard to imagine until they happen. The sheer joy of each experience has been, and hopefully will continue to be, a radiant burst of fireworks coloring an otherwise pretty, but ordinary sky. My “ordinary sky” fills me with contentment and happiness, but those bursts of sizzling fire provide the excitement that helps one to truly savor life.


One thought on “New Experiences

  1. I hear you, Amy. I think about all the firsts I missed because I had to work when my two boys were young. Even as my 4 kids grew older, there were things I missed because of work.

    I lost my job 1 1/2 years ago and while it’s been tough on my, my husband and my family, I’ve had the chance to sit back and experience some firsts with my teenage/young adult sons. I treasure the time I have with them now more than ever because we can’t get back the days that pass us. I think of all the times I went to work and couldn’t be a part of their lives when they were younger. It makes my heart ache. The sacrifice was too great.

    Now, I stay home and write. I know there will come a day soon when I’ll have to return to work because life dictates we have money to pay the bills, but my heart breaks thinking of it. I want nothing more than to be a wife, mother and author, and like you, I plan to experience many writing firsts for myself this year. I can only imagine how my heart will explode with joy when I get that first contract or see the cover of my novel for the first time. The celebration party with friends and family and the first book I ever sell to a stranger. These things will all come to pass for me this year. I can feel it in my bones. I’ve spent far too long fulfilling someone else’s dreams. It’s time I fulfill a few of my own.

    Good luck with your writing and congratulations to your sweet little boy. You have a few months of clapping for poop and pee in the potty. Smile and treasure every moment. Before long, he’ll be graduating high school. Talk about crying tears of joy.

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