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Looking for a literary agent?

Good news, everybody! As of tomorrow, I no longer have to worry about pre-term labor. So, for the next three weeks, I’ll try to be back to a regular routine. Then, starting the week of December 17th, I’ll be interviewing a literary agent each week, for at least the following 8 weeks! So if you’re looking for an agent, make sure you stay tuned! Maybe they are looking for your book!

Also, I was wondering if anyone would be interested in my re-running my series of articles on writing queries and synopses, selecting agents to query, how to query those agents, and how to respond to manuscript requests. I’d even post a copy of my own personal query letter that landed me my agent, Michele Rubin of Writers House. What do you think? Anyone interested? Let me know!

End of pregnancy exhaustion…

Well, folks, we’re nearing the end of the road now. 4 weeks and 6 days until the scheduled C-section and I’m so tired my hair hurts. Honestly.  ‘Course, it doesn’t help that my toddler is battling some sort of infection. We’ve been to the doctor multiple times and are now on our third medication. I’ve been having serious fears that I’m going to be able to handle baby number two. I keep reassuring myself that people have had more than one child for centuries. Oddly, that doesn’t seem to make me feel much better…

In other news, I’m still waiting to hear back about my book that’s on sub. Hurricane Sandy fried a bunch of the publisher’s servers, so we had to resend my manuscript last week. Of course that means the waiting period had to be restarted as well. Maybe it’s for the best.  I’m certainly in no shape to do revisions right at the moment.

Calling all aspiring romance writers!

I have some exciting news to share today! My friend and romance author, Aimee Duffy, is hosting a great contest on her blog! Not only can you win a copy of her newest book, but if you’re an aspiring writer, you can also win a FREE CRITIQUE of your first chapter and one page synopsis! This is not an importunity to pass up people! Check out her blog: