Formatting Your Manuscript

This is going to be a short post today since I wiped out on some ice in the garage yesterday and am hobbling around like I was in a car accident. My husband said I’m lucky I’m still young or I would have gotten seriously hurt. He then went on to point out in a few decades or so, I might not be so lucky, and maybe I better try to be more graceful by then. Thanks. That’s very helpful.


Anyway, here are some basic guidelines to follow when you’re formatting your manuscript:

  • 12 pt. font, Times New Roman, black ink. Some people will say Courier is acceptable too, but that’s more of a screenplay thing.
  • One inch margins all around.
  • Page number upper right, header that says “your last name/name of manuscript” upper left on every single page.
  • Left justified, right ragged. NEVER justify the right side, or center your text.
  • Double line spacing.
  • One space only after the end of a sentence.


Also, the best advice I’ve ever read from a literary agent on formatting your manuscript is from Vickie Motter. Her post is here. Check it out!