I Need Advice: Moral Dilemma Related to Blogging

When I started writing a blog, I never thought that it would lead to an examination of my morals. I thought it might be fun and a good way to get in touch with the writing community. Being in touch with fellow writers means that I’ve gotten requests to host blog book tours, etc. And while I love to help and support my fellow writers, I’ve come across a dilemma. I could use some advice. Here is my problem:

I’ve been approached by a YA author who would like to make a stop on her book launch tour at my blog. I was excited to read her book. I sat down, read a few pages in, and went, “uh oh!” There was a very graphically described, very violent scene; one that I don’t think should be included in a YA novel.

This author was quick to point out that The Hunger Games books are very violent as well. That’s true. But here’s my dirty little secret; I think that The Hunger Games series is really an adult series masquerading as a YA series. I recently heard the books described as “blood-drenched,” which I think is accurate. Yes, I love them. Yes, I own the books. Yes, I plan on seeing the movies. But do I think they’re YA books? No. I think they are adult books, about a teenage protagonist.

This author seems like a very nice person, and I hate to disappoint her, but I don’t want to be seen as endorsing a book that I feel is too violent for YA readers. I just don’t know what to do. What do you think? Have any of you experienced anything like this? How did you handle it? Help! I need advice!

On a different note, we’ll be interviewing a self-published author on Wednesday, one who is doing QUITE well. Stay tuned to learn her secrets!

How often do you Post on your Blog?

This was the subject of my Saturday poll, and for good reason. As all my regular readers know, I post every day except Sunday. I’ve been having a hard time this last week keeping up with my fiction writing, working on critiques for people, and writing blog posts, and I’m wondering, how much is too much? So I thought I’d ask you, my readers.

Do you like that I post every day, or is it overwhelming? Would you prefer that I post a few times a week, or do you look forward to each day’s post? Do you like when you know a blog will have a set schedule, or does it not mater if someone posts on Monday and Wednesday the first week, and Tuesday, Thursday and Friday the next week?

Also, what other things would you like me to discuss? Is there anything about reading, writing, querying, etc that you would like to learn about? I’d love some ideas for posts, so just let me know!

I also thought I would give you a little update on the whole agent situation: still waiting! There is absolutely nothing to report! As for the first Writer’s Challenge, while my entry made it to the second round of judging, it did not make the top ten. My second entry made it to the second round as well, but I have yet to hear if it has made it any farther. I will be sure to let you know if I do.


Have a great Monday everyone!