I’m a top-ten finalist in Harlequin’s So You Think You Can Write Contest!

HUGE NEWS!!! I made the judge’s cut for Harlequin’s So You Think You Can Write contest! I’M IN THE TOP TEN! I had to keep that a secret for two weeks!  I am so grateful and so humbled to have gotten this far! What an amazing opportunity!


And now I really, really need everybody’s help. The winner of the contest (who gets a two-book publishing contract!) is picked by public voting only. I don’t know how much of a chance I have, considering some of the contestants I’m up against, but I’m going to give it all I’ve got! If you have a spare minute, I’d be eternally grateful if you guys would take the time to vote for me! You can vote once every 24 hour period until next Tuesday! And voting is much simpler. Just click the red “vote” button next to the title of my book! And a big thank you goes out to everyone who has supported me in this contest already. I am 100% sure I wouldn’t be here now without you! XXOO
The winner will be chosen by public voting, which will run from November 10th to November 17th. Voting is now open and each voter may vote one time per day (25 hours) during the voting period. If you wish to vote for me, you can find my entry on Harlequin’s official website: The winner of the contest and publishing contract will be announced on November 19th.

I made the top twenty-five in Harlequin’s So You Think You Can Write Contest!

I’m very pleased and excited to announce that my entry, Finding Home, is one of the top twenty-five finalists in Harlequin’s So You Think You Can Write Contest!

I’m so excited and humbled to be among so many great entries! This has just been so much fun! I am so grateful to have this opportunity! Meanwhile, the judges are busily reading and narrowing the field to the top ten! Fingers crossed! And of course, a huge thank you goes out to everyone who took the time to read, vote, and share my contest entry! Thank you SO much!

I made the top fifty in Harlequin’s So You Think You Can Write Contest!!!

I can hardly believe it! I made it into the top fifty! I’m so happy and excited! But the only way I can move forward in the contest is if I receive votes!

VOTING IS NOW OPEN FOR THE HARLEQUIN SO YOU THINK YOU CAN WRITE CONTEST!!!!! The only way I’m going to make it into the top twenty-five is if people vote for me, and I would appreciate it SO much! If you’d like to help me, please vote!

If you’d like to vote, you can find my entry here. You don’t need a Wattpad account to vote. You can sign in with your Facebook account. Click the orange “start reading” button. It will take you to “part one.” Only votes on PART ONE count. To vote, look for the grey star in the upper right corner. Click it and it should turn orange. There! You’ve voted! Thank you! And for everyone who has already voted, you can click the start to un-vote and then click it again to re-vote. It will count now, but your old vote won’t. I am so grateful for any and all support you guys have given me! One of the other contestants has 60,000 followers! I need all the help I can get!

My Entry for the So You Think You Can Write Competition.

My first chapter for the So You Think You Can Write competition is up! I’d love some feedback from all my friends out there! I can make changes based on feedback up until September 21st, at which point it becomes my official contest entry. This is a steamy romance. If you aren’t a fan of those, you won’t like it! If you’d like to help me out and read my entry, you can find it here. Thanks!47897868-208-k165689

Good news!

I am very pleased and happy to announce that I was one of twenty-five people in my category chosen to advance to stage two of Harlequin’s Book to Blurb competition! I’m busily working on my stage two submission, which I will need to turn in before May 1st. Then, we will see if I make it on to stage three (the final stage) of the competition! So exciting! 🙂

Is it a disadvantage to be an introvert if you are an author?

I am a writer. I love to make up characters, delve into their psyches, spin out intriguing plots and meaningful dialogue. I lose myself in the worlds I make. Sometimes, the characters almost feel as real to me as people I actually know. That makes me a writer. But that’s not what makes an author.

If you’ve made any forays into the world of publishing, you know what I mean. Writers can’t “just” write anymore. They have to build a platform. They have to interact with their followers on social media. They have to promote themselves. They have to promote their books. And here is my problem; I’m an introvert.

Sure, it’s easier to be outgoing on social media. You aren’t face to face. You can take your time to think up replies. But for us introverts, it’s still hard. My mind just doesn’t work like that. I don’t naturally or easily think up ways to engage my readers. On top of that, all of these things use time, time that I could be using to, oh, I don’t know, actually be writing.

If you want to have a career as an author, however, you don’t really have a choice. That’s just the way publishing is now. And there is no denying that authors who engage in social media and self-marketing do have better sales than authors that don’t. But for me, at least, it’s a love/hate relationship. What about you? Do you think engaging readers is a good idea? Do you enjoy it? Is it hard for you? I’d love to hear what you think!