41,500 Words: The Return of the Inner Editor

            Last night, I went to bed sitting at a comfortable word total of 39,174 words. And then, something terrible happened. As I lay there in the dark, thinking about where I wanted my story to go the next day, I heard it; the little voice.

            “You know, you really have a lot of trouble with character introspection and emotion. Are you sure you put enough in? Maybe you better go back and check.”

            I rolled over, confused. Who was that?

            “Also, you better start thinking about your theme. Your book has to have a theme. What? You haven’t even started thinking about that yet?” Mocking laughter.

            Ugh. I know that laugh. I know that voice. Darn it. My inner editor was back.

            “And where’s the meaning in your story? It’s a YA novel. There should be meaning. You need to impart an IMPORTANT LESSON.”

            I can’t believe she’s back. I’d been doing so well, too. Well, folks, it appears she’s here to stay. In the first hour of typing this morning, I only managed 900 words, a scant amount compared to the 1,500 or so I have been wracking up. She sat on my shoulder, questioning each word choice, and asking when I was going to start writing something meaningful, thus implying that everything I have written up to this point is crap.

I managed to silence her for a while during the second hour and got a little more work done, but now I’m worried about making my story meaningful, and making sure there is enough character introspection. I’m doing my best to beat her back a little. I’ll let you know how it turns out!


5 thoughts on “41,500 Words: The Return of the Inner Editor

  1. Oh no! I hate that inner critic. Mine can be pretty nasty. I call him Agent 36: half bureaucrat, half demon. Sigh. It’s hard to shake the voice. It helps me if I take notes on whatever the critic is ranting about. Getting them out of my head does seem to quiet the critic down.

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