Amy’s writing challenge- week one.

It’s the official kick-off for my writing challenge today! I’m super excited! I hope you are too! So let’s get started!

Week One- write. This is the only task that will carry over from week to week. For the next 12 weeks, I want you to write.

This might seem super simple, so simple that you might be wondering, “Is she serious?” Well, folks, I’m as serious as 4 feet of snow melting around a house with a leaky basement!

I know you’ve probably heard it said before, but the number one thing that keeps a writer from being published is never finishing a project. Anyone can write. But it takes something special for a writer to actually finish something.

So today, I want you to commit to a writing goal. Make it ambitious but do-able. My goal is to write 5,000 words a week for the next twelve weeks (or until my current WIP is finished!). I know I might not make it every week, but I’m going to give it one heck of a try.

How about you? What’s your goal? Leave a comment below (you can comment until May 15th), stating your goal and you’ll be entered to win a $10 Amazon gift card, generously donated by Karen Cherry. Karen has a wonderful blog that you can check out here. And, you can read about how she just signed with a great agent! I love success stories, don’t you? Karen is a perfect example for this week because if she had never finished her book, she wouldn’t be happily celebrating signing with an agent!

So come on everybody! WRITE! Let’s hear some more success stories!

9 thoughts on “Amy’s writing challenge- week one.

  1. Thanks for the mention Amy! Your goal is an ambitious one.

    I will set a more conservative goal of 250 words a day. It’s lame, I’ll admit, but my excuse is that I have a lot going on, as well as a pile of reading that went by the wayside as I worked on HitList. I need to catch up before I get too buried in my next thing.

    Hehe, I’m disqualified from awarding myself a gift card, but I may just reward myself with one anyway 😉 Lots of reading to do, you know.

    Looking forward to hearing everyone’s goals AND everyone’s success stories!

  2. I sort of have two goals. Or maybe 1.5.

    I’m going to aim for personal best minimum of 7,000 words a week. That means a little over 1,000 a day. However, I have my “realistic” goal of 5,000, and I use the term realistic loosely.

    Things like errands, housework, living, all tend to get in the way, so I’ll give myself a little bit of a cushion in case I trip up here and there.

    • That’s actually exactly what I do! 😉 When I’m writing, I tend to write between 1,000 and 1,200 words a day. But, I have a new baby who won’t sleep and a toddler who’s having a birthday party, along with all the other stuff I have to take care of so… 5,000 words a week it is for me!

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  4. 5,000 words a week is my standard writing goal, and it’s worked very well for me in the past. Good choice.
    Currently, however, my goal is 2,500 to 3,000 words because I write it longhand and then copy (while doing minor editing as I go) into a Word document. Which is twice the work, but it’s rewarding, because then when I submit the latest section to my writing group for critique, I’ve already polished it a little.

  5. Well I do need the motivation so I do accept the challenge…I’ll aimf or 5000 words too though I’m a housewife and mom to a hyper 5yr old ,a toddler in terrible two phase and a little boy with cerebral palsy…so most of the time I’m sleep deprived sooooo my realistic goal is 3000 words?mayb 3500? I’m gonna really give it my all:) thanks Amy

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