Reminder: the writer’s challenge starts on Thursday!

Okay, everybody! The official kick-off to the twelve week writer’s challenge is going to be Thursday. Each week we’ll have exercises, challenges etc. People who complete those tasks (either by commenting or participating in blog hops) will be entered to win super-duper prizes 😉 So far, we have books, Amazon gift cards, and writing critiques! I’d love more donations if anyone would like to donate! I’m going to re-post all the info below! Hope you all are getting excited!


Amy’s twelve-week writer’s challenge

I’ve been seeing a lot of challenges on blogs lately; parenting challenges, marriage challenges, faith challenges, etc. I started thinking about it and wondered, why aren’t there any challenges for writers? So I decided to create one!

My challenge is for writers who feel like they aren’t quite as enthusiastic about writing as they use to be. It’s for writers who want to improve their craft. It’s for writers who want to connect with other writers. It’s for people who want to explore whether or not they really want to commit to writing. I hope you’ll join us!

It’s going to be twelve weeks long with one post and assignment per week. I’d like for us to really build a community around these tasks, with people helping and encouraging each other and sharing their experiences as well. To that extent, if anyone would like to donate prizes that we’d randomly give to people who comment, I’d appreciate it. Nothing encourages a good comment like knowing that you’ll be entered into a drawing because of it! If you’d like to donate a prize, please use my contact form to, well, contact me! 😉

I’m planning the kick-off for the second week in May. If you’d like to officially commit yourself to the challenge,  leave a comment below. And if you want to make sure you receive the tasks, you can always sign up to follow my blog with your email address. That way they’ll be sent directly to your inbox.

I’m super excited about this, and I hope you all are as well! I’m pretty sure I’ve got the 12 topics selected, but if there is something you’d like to be included, you can always leave a comment!


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