How this writer got a literary agent.

A few weeks ago Lacey Wolfe, a wonderful romance author, contacted me. She has a lovely series on her blog called Writers Words of Wisdom, and she asked if I would write a guest post about how I found an agent. You can find the original post here. Be sure to check out all the other words of wisdom on her blog while you are there!

Anyway, here is what I wrote!


“I have an agent.”

As any writer knows, those are magic words. If you’re anything like me you’ve spent a good deal of time working toward being able to say those words. You’ve probably even fantasized about what it would be like to have an agent. I know I did. Let me tell you a little secret; it’s just like your fantasies, but even better!

My journey toward acquiring an agent started way back in 2008, when I finally finished my first complete manuscript. It was a little romance novel, that will probably never see the light of day. I queried Harlequin with it and it was rejected, so I moved on.

Next, I wrote a YA fantasy, which was published by a small press. And it was exciting, but I wanted more. I wanted the big time. So I kept writing. I wrote a historical romance that’s buried on my computer somewhere. I never even queried that one. And then I wrote a dark, contemporary YA. A novel that spilled out of my heart and onto paper (and yes, sometimes I actually do still write on REAL paper! Shocking, I know!). I knew right away that this novel was different. It was the best thing that I had ever written.

The agents seemed to think so too. Once I started querying, the requests poured in. I got a few rejections, revised based on their rejections, and sent out more. Then something shocking happened. I got an offer of representation.

Those words still give me a chill. An agent likes MY work enough to offer me representation! And she wasn’t the only one either! Suddenly, I had a choice of agents to pick from! I chatted on the phone with them, and two agents really stood out. Michele Rubin of Writers House and Bree Ogden of D4EO. It was a hard decision because I felt like I really connected with Bree, but in the end I went with Michele because it had always been my dream to work with Writers House.

We worked on revisions and were just starting the submission process when Michele told me the sad news; after 22 years in the business, she was leaving. I’m not going to lie, I cried, ate a bunch of ice cream, and then got to work. Yup, I had to re-query agents and do the whole process all over again.

Having Michele as my agent certainly opened doors for me. This time when I queried agents I only had one single rejection. A part of me couldn’t forget Bree, so of course, I included her too. In fact, I’d thought about her many times since I had signed with Michele; I had really felt like we clicked. She quickly got back to me. And joy of joys, she still wanted it!

I knew right away that I would probably turn everyone else down, but I went through the motions, giving everyone time to reply. No one had impressed me as much as Bree. And so last week I signed with her.

It was a great decision. Her ideas for my work and my career, mesh with mine and make them stronger. I know she’s in my corner and willing to fight for me and my work. Not only that, she’s put up with my millions of questions and concerns, and been nothing but patient and understanding.

Yesterday, Bree submitted my manuscript to the big publishers. In less than 24 hours, we’ve had five requests! Five! Even if they all reject it, it’s so exciting that they liked my premise and writing enough to request my novel. Okay, honestly, I’d be crushed. Secretly, I hope that they all love it and there is a huge bidding war for it! But if I wasn’t a dreamer, I wouldn’t be a writer, would I?


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