End of pregnancy exhaustion…

Well, folks, we’re nearing the end of the road now. 4 weeks and 6 days until the scheduled C-section and I’m so tired my hair hurts. Honestly.  ‘Course, it doesn’t help that my toddler is battling some sort of infection. We’ve been to the doctor multiple times and are now on our third medication. I’ve been having serious fears that I’m going to be able to handle baby number two. I keep reassuring myself that people have had more than one child for centuries. Oddly, that doesn’t seem to make me feel much better…

In other news, I’m still waiting to hear back about my book that’s on sub. Hurricane Sandy fried a bunch of the publisher’s servers, so we had to resend my manuscript last week. Of course that means the waiting period had to be restarted as well. Maybe it’s for the best.  I’m certainly in no shape to do revisions right at the moment.


2 thoughts on “End of pregnancy exhaustion…

  1. I’ve got three more weeks until my C-section and I’m right there with you! My three-year-old is driving me nuts, and I’m also wondering how I’m going to manage two little ones. I guess I’ll find out soon enough!

    I also decided to do NaNoWriMo this year in addition to picking up some extra hours at work (which, fortunately, I do from home) so I have very little time to rest up before the big day. I’m almost looking forward to getting some peace and quiet during my hospital stay!

    Wishing you a successful delivery and easy recovery!

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