My manuscript is out on submission!

Before I get to today’s post, I wanted to let you know that my agent,  Michele Rubin of Writers House, has agreed to be interviewed for my blog. I think we will be doing it in the next week or two, so get ready for some secrets from an industry insider! I also have a few other agents who have shown interest in being interviewed, so stay tuned! Now, on to today’s post!

I can’t believe I’ve finally reached this moment! My book is officially out on sub! Sure, I’m so nervous I have heartburn (although that could also be the baby!), but I also have to just savor this moment. It’s been a long road and I can’t believe I’m finally here!

I know it’s going to be a long wait. Michele says it’s next to impossible to hear back before two weeks and it will probably be more like 4-8. Apparently, if they read it and decide they want it, it then has to be run past and okay-ed by many more people in-house.

Looking back, it really has been a long and bumpy road. For those of you interested in the statistics of how I got here, here is the timeline of this writer!

2001- First attempt at a novel, which I don’t finish  Three more unfinished attempts follow.

2007- Start writing what will be my first finished novel.

2008- Submit first novel to Harlequin and receive a a long, detailed  personalized rejection. Also, get married!

2009- Finish rough draft of Drive Back the Darkness. Find out I’m pregnant!

2010- Revise Drive Back the Darkness and have baby. (For the record, having a baby slows everything WAY down!)

Spring of 2011- Start submitting Drive Back the Darkness.  Receive LOTS of rejections and some requests. Continue revising and re-submitting.

November of 2011- Participate in NaNoWriMo and write rough draft of Below the Surface, my contemporary YA.

Rest of 2011- Revise Below the Surface.

Jan of 2012- Start submitting Below the Surface to agents. Immediately start to get requests, which surprises me.

June of 2012- I receive a  long detailed letter from two separate agents asking for revisions. I revise and continue to send out to agents, and continue to receive requests. I receive an offer of publication from a small press for Drive Back the Darkness, which I take.

July 2012- I receive my first offer from an agent for Below the Surface. I notify other agents and receive more offers.  On July 20th, I sign with Michele Rubin.

September- I receive revision requests from Michele.  Drive back the Darkness is published on Sept. 14th.

October- I finish the revisions.  Michele loves them (Yay!). On October 18th, Below the Surface goes out to 6 big publishers! Now, the waiting can begin!


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