I’m a published author!

Yup, that’s right! My young adult fantasy, Drive Back the Darkness, is finally out! You can find it on Amazon here.  You can find it on Barnes and Noble here.

There’s also an interview with me up here. Feel free to check it out!

If you want to win a copy of Drive Back the Darkness, there is still time! I’ve decided to extend the contest until next Thursday, the 21st.  If you’d like to win a digital copy of my book for you kindle or E-reader, please use the “contact me” form to send me your name and email address, along with a message that says something like “contest entry”. If you don’t want to use the form, you can also email me at theliterarymom @ gmail.com (remove the spaces!). Just make sure you put contest entry in the subject line, or I might not open it! All entries must be received by September 21st, 11:59 pm Central Standard Time.  I’ll announce the winner either Friday the 22nd or Monday the 25th.

Also, If you haven’t friended me on Facebook yet, my name on there is Amy M. Newman, and my icon is the red and orange cover of my book!

It’s been a long and sometimes bumpy road. It still doesn’t seem real. I still have so much work to do marketing this book and working on revisions for the next that it’s hard for me to stop and enjoy the moment! A large part of me feels like I need to just keep pushing forward. I think a big reason for that feeling is due to the fact that I know I have a limited time before my next son arrives and renders me a sleep-deprived zombie!

Anyone have any ideas on ways to celebrate?


11 thoughts on “I’m a published author!

  1. Congratulations, Amy! I’ve been following your blog for a few months now. You should be so proud! Take a few days to relax and do the things you haven’t had a chance to do. Then, jump on the marketing/revisions train.

  2. That’s fantastic news Amy – I’m really pleased for you. You’ve worked so hard for this. I think you should celebrate by giving yourself time to rest and put your feet up, even if it’s just for a few hours in the evening. Well done – I’m proud of you. Will share your link via Twitter and Facebook later. Sandra

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