My book trailer and blog tour schedule!

Here is my book trailer! Enjoy!

Also, I’ve pasted my blog tour schedule below! I can’t believe my book is going to be released in nine days! I didn’t ever really think this day would come. I’m kind of still in shock! Thank you to everyone who has been so kind and supportive!

September 14th: Tara Len Walker (Interview)
September 17th: The eBook Reviewers (Interview)
September 18th: Colorimetry (Interview)
September 19th: Book Briefs (Review)
September 22nd: The Book Lovers Report (Spotlight)
September 24th: Laura DeLuca (Spotlight)
September 28th: Books by Centeno (Spotlight)
October 1st: Ella’s Muse (Spotlight)
October 2nd: The Howling Turtle (Spotlight) 
October 3rd: Reader Girls
October 5th: Reading, Writing, and Roses (Spotlight)


2 thoughts on “My book trailer and blog tour schedule!

  1. Love the trailer, it’s simple but effective and punchy. The music is very dramatic! Good luck on the launch, I’m certainly intrigued by the story and might just have to check it out when it’s released 🙂

  2. You certainly have a lot on your plate! Good luck with the launch, the blog tour and the move. Love the trailer – it tells enough about the story without being too long and the music is perfect to set the mood. 🙂

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