Too much to do, not enough time…

Sorry for missing my Monday post everyone. It’s been a very hectic week. I’ve gotten a ton done though! My book is now through the copy editing stage and on to the very final stage, proofing! Not too much longer now! I think it’s sixteen days until the digital copy is released. Then, the print copy will follow it.

In other news, we have the first official showing of our house today! I think I mentioned we listed it on the market last week? So of course, I’ve been cleaning like a manic. My husband tried to put a cap on it last night when I wanted to run to the store at 8 pm to get fresh flowers for the table. I know he’s worried I’m doing too much. Having a wife that’s 24 weeks pregnant tends to do that to men, right?  🙂

I know some of you noticed that I took my book trailer down. We’re making a few tweaks to  it, mainly shortening it and making it less wordy.  I’m hoping to have it up later today or tomorrow! Have a great day everyone!


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