I have a literary agent!

I am so, so, so excited to make this announcement! I have a literary agent! I signed with Michele Rubin of Writers House. It literally still has not yet sunk in, despite my having talked with Michele twice on the phone already. Sometimes, I think it’s a dream. I know that sounds like a cliché, but I have worked for this for so long, and now, to finally have it happen…. Wow!

Michele seems absolutely wonderful. We really seemed to connect. She has a vision for my work and career that fits perfectly with my own. I’ve already started work on her revisions and I think they are going to make my book so much stronger. I think we are hoping to start submitting to publishers sometime in September. I’ve got a lot of work ahead of me, but it is such wonderful work!

I’m so lucky to have Michele as an agent. I’m also lucky to be working with such a prestigious literary agency. Writers House was always my top choice; the shinning, but unreachable (or so I thought!) star of all my literary dreams. This is all just so wonderful!

If there is one lesson I want to leave you all with, it’s this; do not give up. Ever. I wrote for twelve years. I seriously pursued a writing career for the last five and a half. I endured hundreds (I think between all four it was something like 175) of rejections for my four completed novels. It wasn’t until I started querying the third novel that I received an offer from a small press. With my fourth novel, I finally acquired a literary agent. And so I repeat; do not give up.

You can check out Writers house here.

You can check out Michele’s Publishers Marketplace page here.

9 thoughts on “I have a literary agent!

  1. Wow, congrats! Writers House is amazing. I’m actually hosting a Rejection Week over on my blog in honor of two authors who worked and worked and worked, and after countless rejections, earned publishing success. Yuvi Zalkow (aka the Failed Writer of the video presentation series) has his debut novel coming out a week from Tuesday, and on Thursday, Selden Edwards’ second novel comes out. Selden wrote and rewrote his first novel, The Little Book, for 30 years! (Yes, 30!) Then he achieved “overnight” success with the last draft, and his book became a bestseller.

    Here’s hoping your exciting agent news is just the beginning! And thanks for the inspiration. I’ve been writing seriously for over a decade, and while I had an agent for a good chunk of that, I don’t right now and sometimes it’s frustrating working and working without getting much encouragement. Success stories like yours help keep me going!

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