I’m Back!

Here is an update on what is going on:

Writing: I’m working frantically on my first round of edits, trying to get them done and back to the editor. As you all know I’ve had a hell of a time the last few weeks, but hopefully things are going to even out now.

Pregnancy: I’m entering the fourteenth week and am hoping the danger is behind me now. I appear to have a sub-chorionic hemorrhage, but it seems to be resolving itself. I would love if you all would cross your fingers, send kind thoughts, pray, etc. I just want the baby to be okay.

House-hunting: Our offer has been accepted and is moving forward. It should have less paperwork to deal with now, and hopefully less stress. Our mortgage is going forward as well, although there is more paperwork to be dealt with there.

House-selling: Other than taking care of my son, this is going to be the biggest time-consumer in my life at the moment. My husband and I are trying to make the house as pretty as we can, as the real estate agent is coming out next weekend to take pictures of the house and officially list it for sale. My poor husband spent Father’s Day staining the front deck, but I made it up to him by making snow-crab for supper.

Child-rearing: My son is healthy, happy, and well. I can’t ask for more than that, even if last week he somehow became convinced that the blue people from Avatar are coming to get him, and now repeatedly wakes up at night. *Note to self- Don’t flip through the channels at 8 o’clock at night  while son is in the room. You never know what might bother a little kid.

P.S. My posting schedule will be Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday. Hopefully things will be calmer now and there won’t be any lapses.

2 thoughts on “I’m Back!

  1. Toes, fingers and eyes are crossed (although the latter makes it kind of hard to write!) for you. Glad things seem to be calming down and sorting themselves out. As for your son’s nightmares, you’re right. You just never know what will frighten a child. My son had night terrors, too, convinced “The Lion Head’s going to get me!” (referring to the roaring MGM lion that comes on at the beginning of movies). For a year or two we had to make him hide behind his Dad’s chair as we fast-forwarded past that part!

    Good luck with the house sale and moving. 🙂

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