I Have a Big Announcement!

So I said in a post last week that I had some big news to share. Hopefully this will explain my erratic posting schedule of the last few weeks; I’m pregnant!

This will be our second baby. It’s due December 25. That’s right, Christmas day! Anyway, I”ve been absolutely exhausted. I’ve barely been able to keep up with my son (who just turned two)ย and work on revisions for my novel, let alone manage posting on this blog, although I think I’ve done pretty well. I’ll be out of the first trimester in a few weeks here, and I’m hoping I’ll be a little less tired, and that things can get back to normal.

So anyway, that’s my big news! It was hard waiting to share it! I also received another full request for my YA contemporary novel from an agent last night, bringing the total to nine full requests. It’s been good news all around, although I really am exhausted…


14 thoughts on “I Have a Big Announcement!

  1. You’re just a few weeks behind me! My son is about to turn three and my new one is due in early December. I’m impressed that you’ve managed to get so much done — I’ve been a total slug for the past couple of months!

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