What Do You Do when You Feel like Life is Giving You more than You can Handle?

First of all, I wanted to apologize about posting so sporadically. I always make the appointed days, but my posts aren’t going up first thing in the morning anymore. At least I’m still getting them up!

Life has been extremely crazy on my end, to the point that I’m wondering if I can handle it all. My husband has been working twelve-hour days and not getting home until eight at night. My son has started going through the terrible twos. I’ve been feeling a little sick and exhausted. And on top of that, I’m supposed to be getting our house ready to go up on the market, as we’re planning to move shortly, so that my husband can be closer to his job.

Soon, my editor will be done with the first round of edits on my book, and I just have to wonder; how am I going to handle this all?

I know that we’re not supposed to receive more than we can handle, but I sure feel like I’m teetering right on the edge at the moment. I know I can afford to fall over. Everyone’s counting on me. I’m counting on me. But I’m so tired…

What about you? Do you ever feel like that? How do you deal with it? Any tips or tricks you can share with me that might help?


6 thoughts on “What Do You Do when You Feel like Life is Giving You more than You can Handle?

  1. I make a list of everything I need to do each day and how long I’m going to spend doing it. Then I cross things off as I make my way through the list. Sometimes I even write down the actual time I should spend doing each thing – and I even schedule in time to just stare out the window or nap! It helps keep me organized and feel on top of things, and it feels good to be able to cross things off the list.

  2. I feel like that almost every day. 😉

    For me, the key is taking a little time for myself. Sometimes that means watching tv for half an hour, going for run, or swinging on my porch swing. As little as 15 minutes can make a huge difference,

  3. It’s hard when you’ve got so many things you need to do vs so many things you want to do, and to top it all off you feel like crap 😦


    I think having to do lists is good, but so is taking time out for you, just to relax and chill, or you’ll burn yourself out 😦

    Finding the balance is the key. Have you looked on line for any time management tips? That might help.

    Sorry Im not being really helpful, but I’ve not found anything that works for me…..yet 😉

    Good luck honey xx

  4. Oh, honey, I feel ya. I feel overwhelmed almost everyday. Having little ones around is exhausting, especially when there are other emotional and physical things going on within our bodies. Stress is not a good emotion. Try not to push yourself. Take little things at a time and pace yourself. Set time limits if you have to and make sure you include “me” time in that schedule. Take a nap when your little one goes down. Set aside a 1/2 hour for bath time every day. Sit on the front porch, watch the sun set. Relax. Do you do yoga? Try getting into a yoga class. And try not to worry about things that haven’t happened. So, you’re editor is working on your first round. Let her work on them. If she’s a good editor, she’ll understand what you’re going through and she’ll work with you. If you have to (and if you can afford it), hire a maid for a couple of months until you can get ‘organized’. Turn everything over to God. He’ll see you through it. And when you’re feeling lonely, we’re here for you 🙂

  5. All the above is good advice. If you can’t do it all, let something go, even for a day, to keep your sanity (and health) and give yourself the time to do the most important jobs. If there is anyone you can ask to give you a hand – a friend, a relative – ask them. I’m sure they would be happy to help. I realize that delegating jobs is a hard thing to do, but might be necessary. Hope it all works out in the end. 🙂

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