Pen Vs. Computer; Which Do you Prefer?

My son and I are feeling better, but still not great. Plus, it’s cold and snowing, and the bad weather is killing my daffodils. It’s more a tea-with-honey and lay under the blankets morning then a write a post morning, so I’m going to repost one of my older posts today. Hope you enjoy it!

Writers are a superstitious lot and many I know are firmly set in their writing ways. Many have to follow the same routine everyday before they can begin to write, but I think there is some merit in changing it up every now and then.

The thing I find most helpful to change regularly is what I write with. Sometimes I write longhand with pen and paper, and sometimes I use my laptop. I’ve found that there are certain aspects of writing that work better with one or the other

Right now, I‘m using a pen to write this article. I feel the slower pace helps me consider each word, making my writing more clear and in need of fewer revisions. However, it makes my sentences longer, more lyrical, which isn’t great for action scenes or ones that need to have a fast pace.

If I feel like I’m starting to be blocked, or am unsure where I want to go with a scene, I know I need to write it on a computer. Often, the slower pace of writing by hand can make me stall completely as I get caught up in making sure each word is just right. Using the computer can help you bang out the writing, getting the words on the page. You can’t revise a blank page.

A notebook is portable, enabling you to write in places where you can’t take a laptop. But then there is the biggest drawback of writing by hand: typing up page after page of your own semi-legible handwriting.


4 thoughts on “Pen Vs. Computer; Which Do you Prefer?

  1. lol. Tis frustrating being a writer. Though with the development of tablets such as ipads I hear makes writing so much easier (does the Kindle have a wordprocessor function?). I’ve resisted purchasing one so far but I probably will succumb in the end.

    Then the only advantage would be that a notepad and pen will never run out of battery power.

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  3. Sometimes I have a clearer mind for writing only when I sit outside in a nice landscape… I don’t yet have a laptop that can stand up to the light glare outside, so pen and paper are the tools there. But, I can only write with pen and paper when I have a clear goal in mind and am ‘in the groove.’ Otherwise, if it’s writing I know I’m going to have to really work at, computer is a must.

  4. I tend to brainstorm stories with pen and paper. Then type it up. Drafting is all on my laptop. Editing is all with pen and paper. LOL. When I start to feel blocked I force myself to power through to my 1k mark. Even if that means the scene goes in a completely different direction. I can edit it later with pen and paper. 😉

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