Anybody Have Sick Kid Advice?

Sorry, no post today. My little boy is sick with a nasty cold/respiratory thing. We’ve been doing the whole steamy baths, saline nose drops, orange juice and homemade chicken noodle soup thing, but it’s not helping much. Anybody have any advice or tips for me? He’s not two yet, so he’s too little for meds, other than a little Motrin for his fever…


4 thoughts on “Anybody Have Sick Kid Advice?

  1. if it’s a cold, it will usually run its course over 7 – 10 days. You need to watch out for deep chest congestion. If you hear wheezing, get him into the doctor. Could be bronchitis. Not uncommon during the spring when stuff is blooming. If liquids are running yellow is also another sign you might be battling a bacteria, not a virus or allergy. Elevate his head while he’s laying down. Have you tried vapor rub on his little chest? Sounds like you’re doing everything right, Mom. Hugs to the little guy and hope he feels better soon.

  2. Our lymph system doesn’t have a pump – so we need to simulate one to get stuck energy moving along. Gently massage his chest – he’ll let you know where the sore spots are and maybe have him touch his toes if he’s not feeling too bad to get things moving. In yoga this is one of the reasons we do inversions. Will send good thoughts for your little cutie to feel better 🙂

  3. You could prop up his bed a little at the head end (a book or two under the legs). Also do you have one of those humidifier things that put moisture into the air? They can often work better than the steamy baths.

    My son is young also, these type of illnesses are not at all fun. As someone mentioned above, just be sure to get him to a doctor if you hear wheezing. This is not the sort of post you want “likes” on. Hope he gets well soon.

  4. Sorry I’m a little behind in reading my posts, so I just read this now. Hope your little guy is feeling better, today. If not, something I was told recently (but haven’t tried) is to put Vaporub on his FEET. I know it seems strange, but have been told it really works. A humidifier is also good advice. My doctor advises using a cold-air version rather that a steamer.

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