I Received an Offer of Publication!

I received my first offer of publication last night! Yup, you read that right! Someone wants to publish one of my books! I can’t believe it! I think I might literally be in a state of shock. My hands went cold and started to shake, but I felt all numb inside, like I couldn’t quite process it!

I guess I don’t quite believe it yet! All these years of hard work and rejections galore, and finally someone said, “Yes! We think your work has value!” Okay, maybe it’s sinking in a little ’cause my eyes are starting to burn. Can someone hand me a tissue?

Anyway, I’ll keep you updated. I just wanted to let you all know!


20 thoughts on “I Received an Offer of Publication!

  1. “Congratulations” isn’t sufficient. You’d think some writer somewhere would have come up with a more appropriate word to convey the excitement of honing in on a dream. Alas…

    To adopt a “street” phrase: “You go, girl!”

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