Saturday Poll: Would you ever Consider Self-publishing?


6 thoughts on “Saturday Poll: Would you ever Consider Self-publishing?

  1. That’s a hard question, but an excellent one to discuss.

    So many people have strong opinions about the topic. I voted “no” just because I know several people who have done so and, frankly, it just hasn’t gone well. When you self-publish, there are so many things you have to do to get your book out there. There’s no publicity machine helping you, very little chance of getting into one of the big bookstores. Plus, unless you have a team of people who are proofreading your stuff (I say “team” because if you only have one, they are still bound to miss things), you will publish something with errors in it. I’ve seen it done several times and it always makes me a little sad.

    So my answer is “no.” I think, in my case, it would be way too difficult.

  2. I say it depends upon the work. If I believe enough in the project, I’d submit it through traditional means first. If it gets rejected, rewriting is most likely in order and I’d ask for editor feedback. If I still felt strong enough about it I’d consider self-publishing, but only if the work received great feedback from writing colleagues and I felt the work is truly compelling. All of this being said, Amanda Hocking made a smashing success for herself through self-punishing, so who knows? If you write the best work possible, you’re ahead of a great many people from the outset.

  3. Having two books published in the traditional manner, I think I would like to continue to have someone else publish and help promote my books. If it involves a large cost to self-publish, then no. I don’t make enough on royalties (or my day job) to afford publishing costs on my own. Self-publishing on-line might be a cheaper option if there was something I really felt should be out on the market but wasn’t going to get there through traditional means. I guess I’m still ‘on the fence’ about this topic. 🙂

  4. Hi, Amy-Marie. What a good question! Yes, I would consider self-publishing. But not as seriously as I once thought. Years ago I was ready to do that…but now I think I’d wait long & hard before this decision. Thank you for this post and the discussion it’s brought forth.

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