Second Writing Challenge: “Final Judgment” by Amy Marie

Prompt 1:

Two people are sitting together under the remains of a concrete bridge. Their backs are against a rusted bridge support. One person’s leg is cut. The other person has wet hair.

  1. Write a short story/flash fiction piece of less than 200 words based on the prompts


“Final Judgment” by Amy Marie

Gabe leaned against the crumbling support. Rivulets of river water streamed from his hair, saturated after pulling Michael to safety. Just outside the shelter of the bridge, a bomb burst in a cloud of heat and death. Gabe eyed the deep gash in Michael’s leg. It ran from calf to thigh, where a spike of dull, grey metal was embedded.


“Father has called us home. Can you make it?”

“Give me a minute.” Michael shut his eyes as blood slithered slowly down his leg.


A woman and a small child dressed in a filthy pink dress, crouched at the other end of the bridge as gunfire gnawed at the cement. Gabe could smell their fear, like a birthday cake left to rot.


Michael opened his eyes. “Do you think humans are evil or stupid?”


“It doesn’t matter what I think.” Gabe turned away as the mother scooped the child up, rocked her against her chest. “Or why they fight us. Only Father can judge them.”


Gabe pulled Michael to his feet. With one liquid movement, they tossed themselves into the sky, soaring on wings laced with fire. The woman’s eyes scorched as she watched the angels fly toward Heaven.


22 thoughts on “Second Writing Challenge: “Final Judgment” by Amy Marie

  1. Whoa! I would TOTALLY read on… you’ve got a nice quality to your writing–where the story just carries itself. Off to go “like” it… really, lovely work.

  2. I like how when I read this story twice, the details fell into place- the two angels, their reference to God, a clever use of the prompt. Thanks for sharing!


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  4. Hey Amy, great entry, I love how creative this is. Didn’t see the twist coming at the end – well done 🙂

    Congratulations – I’ve awarded you fifth place in the Judging Round! Make sure you check out my post to see the cool prizes you’ve won 🙂

    Congrats again!



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