What do you Need to Write?

I know there are a lot of writers out there that need certain things to write; A special pen, non-spiral bound, college-ruled notebooks, the noise of a coffee-house, a nice laptop, a bunch of sharpened pencils (F. Scott Fitzgerald), a cup of tea or coffee by your elbow, etc.

I think that’s great, although I wonder what happens if the store runs out of notebooks, or your coffee-house closes for renovation. I don’t need any of that, although I wouldn’t say no to a steaming beverage. I can write anywhere, at any time, although I used to need a fair level of quiet. Now I don’t need that anymore. (Thank goodness, because a house with an almost-two-year-old is NEVER quiet.)

Unfortunately, I do still need one thing; to be awake. If I’m dead tired, I have a heck of a time focusing enough to pull the fiction out of my brain and get it down on paper (or on the computer screen, whichever). Unfortunately, sleep isn’t always easy to come by in a house with an almost-two-year-old either.

In other words; I’m tired today.

What about you? Is there anything you need to write?


6 thoughts on “What do you Need to Write?

  1. Nice post! This made me laugh. I need a lot of sharpened pencils and they need to be extra sharp. I also need some noise, like a radio or a TV, but no people should be around (I get nothing finished when there are). For some strange reason, I get most of my words written down and my ideas polished when I’m stressed from academics, which makes it extra tough to actually finish, but I’m trying to work around that.

  2. Very often I need visuals – an image of some kind that evokes an emotion. I have a collection of postcards for art museums that I refer to for a little inspiration.

    In addition, I need music. Everything I write has a soundtrack.


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