Writing Stagnancy: The First Few Pages

Well, I did it! I started my next story and have about 1,200 words under my belt. I had hoped to get more done yesterday, but I forgot one major thing; that I would have to break through my writing stagnancy.


I wrote the last pages of my rough draft of my last novel somewhere around the second week of December. Yes, I’ve done revisions and added scenes. Yes, I wrote a synopsis and query letter. Yes, I started plotting this novel and writing character sketches. None of that is the same as sitting down and starting to really write again.


I don’t know about you, but it’ll take me a while to break through that stagnancy and get the words flowing well again. Twenty pages, maybe, or a week of writing everyday, at the minimum. At some point, I’ll get into the story and the words will come easily, like I’m watching a movie in my head and they’re leaking out of my ears and onto the page. But it’s not happening yet.


At this moment in time, every word is a struggle. I can’t quite see the novel yet; it’s murky and not quite in focus. And until I do, I’ll plod away, thinking about each character, each word, each scene, wondering if it’s okay.


If you suffer from this problem too, here is my advice to you: DO NOT reread what you have written until the words have started to flow. It will be crap. You will be able to sense yourself laboring away within each word. And until the words began to flow, you will not be able to revise it satisfactorily. So leave it alone, keep writing crap, and within a few days, you’ll have a clear, fast-moving river of words pulling you toward your conclusion. Do not give up. Just keep going.


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