My Favorite Phase of Writing

It’s time. The idea has been swirling in your head for weeks, if not months, now. You have your spark; it’s time to kindle it into a flame. It’s time to see where the story leads you.

This is my favorite phase of writing. I get to sit down with my favorite pens, a brand new notebook, and a set of colored note cards and watch my spark begin to burn. I get to discover my characters, who they are, what their lives were like up until now, who they can’t live without, who they hate. I get to name them and decide what they look like, learn how they talk and act. Then, I get to sit down with my note cards and imagine a few scenes I would like to see them in.

I never really plot out my stories. I learn my characters, then look down the road in front of them. It’s a misty day, so the end of our journey can’t be seen, although I do catch vague glimpses of what might be at the end of the road. Then, I get to write.

I love the rough draft, the words spilling out of me, the characters and settings coming to life in my head, haunting my dreams at night. This is the best time, the most magical time, the time when writing isn’t work, unlike query’s, synopses, endless revisions…

It’s almost time for me. What about you? Is it almost time?


14 thoughts on “My Favorite Phase of Writing

  1. Me too! I’ll be sparked by a name, or a circumstance. And their she is my little protagonist, in the unlikeliest circumstance. You know there’s a lot of work to follow, but it’ all worth it.

    • I agree. I think it will probably always be the best part of writing, except maybe the day you get “The Call” or the day you get to hold your published book in your hands!

  2. This is my favorite part, too! 🙂 I love mapping out my characters and figuring out their backstory. There are so many possibilities and I love having the freedom to explore all of them.

  3. That is definitely the post fun. My characters tend to appear in trees or walk beside my in the park whispering and confiding in me. It’s the most amazing feeling. 🙂

  4. Ooo, I heartily agree–the beginning is always the best. 🙂 Though, I am pretty fond of that first moment where your characters start having strong enough personalities that they start to decide what THEY want to do instead of you.

    Anyway, just dropping by from the campaign to say hello! *waves*

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