Saturday Poll: Should Fiction Writers Post Samples of their work?

Do you have samples of your work posted? Do you think it might help an aspiring writer land an agent? What if the sample is the first chapter of the novel they are currently trying to land an agent for? Would that cause legal problems? What do you think?


5 thoughts on “Saturday Poll: Should Fiction Writers Post Samples of their work?

  1. I was very proud of a change I made in my book and posted it to my blog. Just one paragraph, that was it. My book is indie published and I retain all rights unless it is sold later, so I can print what I want for now. Also, Barnes and Nobles sometimes gives the first few pages if you allow it, so why not post a teaser on your blog? It’s all marketing

  2. I actually never read them when I see them posted. Taken out of context, the blurbs (even chapters!) aren’t interesting. ESPECIALLY if it’s a WIP!

  3. I have 1-5 pages from each manuscript on my website to give a taste for my writing and voice. I don’t reveal talk too much about titles of plot online. But I think it’s something each writer has to decide for herself. 🙂

  4. I’m in favor of posting samples, but small ones only. I won’t share a full chapter, or really anything from my novels. But I will share a short story as a way to gauge reader response. That way I know what’s working and what’s not before I start submitting it. After all, there’s always the “private” button to hide those samples after the test period is finished.

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