Writing and Parenting: the Same Skill Set

Before I get into my post, I wanted to thank you all, my loyal readers. Yesterday, The Literary Mom broke the 1,000 view mark! Not too shabby for a little over two months. It’s nice to know that I”m helping someone, or at least providing  interesting reading material. Thank you, everyone. Now, on to my post.

You know, when I got pregnant, I never thought that being a parent would help me be a better writer but it has. It turns out that writing and parenting require many of the same skills and virtues.

Can’t get your baby to stop crying and go to sleep even though it’s one o’clock in the morning? That same patience will help you wait while editors or agents have your manuscript. Feel like you can’t write unless you get a good nights sleep? Just wait until you have a baby. You’ll be able to write anywhere, at anytime. Turns out, once you have a baby, you don’t have a choice when, where , or even with what, you write. By the way, don’t try to write with a crayon while in your pediatrician’s office. It’s embarrassing when your pediatrician feels bad for you and offers you a pen. Cooking healthy, delicious meals for your family helps you build a good plot. How? You take your ingredients, put them in the bowl in the correct order, add a touch of spice, and mix it all together and hope it comes out all right. At least with writing, you can revise. If you make a meal that tastes like crap, one that even the dog won’t eat; let me tell you, there’s no revising that (or living it down either).

There are also the less tangible things that come along with being a parent; love, understanding, and mental and emotional growth. It makes your life and writing much richer and more varied. Even though it can be super hard to be a parent sometimes, and even though it definitely wrecks havoc with your life, I wouldn’t change it for the world. In fact, it IS my world.


3 thoughts on “Writing and Parenting: the Same Skill Set

  1. well said, Amy. I can’t imagine my life without my kids.

    Mom’s are simply amazing individuals. We can do just about anything just about anywhere. I did my best writing while operating on 3 hours of sleep. Somehow we find the juice to keep going. Energizer bunny, move over.

    As to the kids, writing YA has been a joy. Where better to get the feel for YA dialogue than from your own YAs? 🙂 I’ve heard some strange lingo coming from my boys’ lips and have actually had to stoop to being nerdy mom and asking them to translate. I’ve even received the rolled eyes and the stern ‘don’t ever say that again’ from my boys when I try to use their words when I talk. It only makes for more interesting stuff to talk, and laugh about.

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