What Genre of Fiction do You Write?

Well, everyone, I’d like to wish you all a “welcome back!” after the holiday season. I don’t know about you, but if your holidays were like mine, you probably have a stomachache from too much food, a headache from too much to drink, and a few too many pounds around your waist. What? Did you say it’s NOT smart to try to force your belt into its normal hole when the belt buckle is straining against the leather like a hot air balloon against its tether?? Hmm….

My new year came with some resolutions (mainly to lose a few pounds and to clean up my language which is very mild compared to most people I know, mostly just hell and damn. However, I’ve discovered it’s NOT funny when your year and a half year old says “damn it” in front of your relatives.), but I’ve always found the new year to be a time to contemplate the direction my life is going in and decide if I want to make any changes.


My writing life is included in this contemplation, and I’ve found myself wondering if I’m writing in the right genre. As some of you may know, my most recently completed manuscript is young adult-contemporary. I enjoyed writing it but…  I’ve also written manuscripts that were YA-fantasy, contemporary romance, and historical romance. I enjoyed them all but… I just don’t know what I should be writing. I’m not sure if I’ve hit my stride.

I think part of my problem is that I’m a bit of a perfectionist, and, in a sense, I’m looking for the perfect writing experience. I know that, much like a man (or a woman for that matter!), that doesn’t exist. But still, I wonder, should I be writing something else?


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