The two Most Important Qualities for an Author to Have

As an unpublished writer, I’ve been told many many times that I should write for the pure joy of writing, as there is no guarantee that I will ever get anything more out of it. That I should write the story I love, and never expect anything more from my “hobby.” Do you know what I think about that? I think if you believe that, then you don’t have the makings of a true author.

To me, a true author has one quality above all others; the constant drive and determination to share their stories, their characters with the world. To have someone read their story and say, “I loved it! I couldn’t put it down!” To take their place on the bookstore shelf, where some unsuspecting reader might pick it up and find a book they’ll re-read for the rest of their lives

A true author has one more quality that they literally cannot do without. Hope. Hope that this time, with this story; you might catch an agents eye. That this time, it might find its way into a publishers hands, and then into a bookstore, and then finally, into the hearts of readers everywhere.

Hope and the painful longing to share your stories with the world. Now that’s a real author.


4 thoughts on “The two Most Important Qualities for an Author to Have

  1. I couldn’t agree more. True, I love to write. If I go one day without doing so, I’m like a drug addict in withdrawal. I think all authors have to have a passion to write. But my dream is to be published, not self-published, but really published by a publisher who believes in my book. To see my words on the shelves, to get e-mails or messages that people loved my book (or even hated it – at least that means they read it), means more to me than I can express in words. It is what drives my passion to write.

    So, yes, a writer needs to write for writing’s sake. An author, however, desires so much more, and as long as (s)he doesn’t give on that dream, it will come true.

  2. THANK YOU! I always hear people say “Oh I just write for fun.” Well, yes, writing is fun, but someday I want it to be good enough and ready for other people to read. Otherwise, why write it? Just tell yourself stories in your head. anyway, I think to say otherwise is self-delusional.

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