Another Rejection for This Writer

Well, I got some bad news at the end of last week. Another rejection. At this point, I barely feel a twinge when I get a rejection, but this one was a little different. I had been waiting to hear back for 19 weeks on this one. It wasn’t so much the rejection that stung, but that  it was a form rejection. Lately, I’ve been getting personalized rejections, with comments about what the agent or editor likes, along with what they don’t. I feel like I’ve taken two steps back in my writing, like somehow, it suddenly got worse.

I know agents and editors are busy. I understand the need for a form rejection. At least I got some response. I hate when agents have a “no response means no” policy, especially when they don’t have some sort of auto-response system in place. Then you never even know for sure that they got it, you just have to assume they did, and didn’t like it. Ugh. That’s the worst. Plus, how hard is it to set your email to automatically send an auto-response?

Anyway, pushing on. I sent the rejected manuscript out that same afternoon to another publisher. Their response time is fourteen weeks, so at least I won’t have as long of a wait!


6 thoughts on “Another Rejection for This Writer

  1. I don’t care for the “no response means no” either. I agree, an auto response from everyone would be nice. Sorry to hear about your form rejection. Hopefully all of us with this passion will know the joy of an acceptance letter. Gotta keep going forward!

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