Anyone Want a Critique Partner?

As I near the time when my rough draft is ready for my readers, I realize I’d like another critique partner, one who is more interested in the genres I am interested in. So… anyone want a critique partner?

If you’re interested, please send me an email (my address will be at the bottom of the post) with a little bit about yourself: why you want to be a writer, what genres you write, what your background in writing is, what you want from a critique partner, what you think your strengths and weaknesses are as a writer, and a five to ten page sample of your writing pasted into the body of the email. No attachments. I won’t open them. Also, please include the word “critique partner” in the subject line of the email. If you don’t, I won’t open it.

In the spirit of sharing, here are my answers to the above questions. I write YA (contemporary and fantasy) and romance (contemporary and historical). It would be nice if my future critique partner at least read both categories, if not wrote them as well. I read pretty much anything but horror. I have enough bad dreams as it is, thank you very much!

I studied literature and creative writing in college. I have written four full manuscripts. I am currently revising my NaNo manuscript, and working on a historical romance. I expect a critique partner to be courteous but honest. If you didn’t like something tell me so, but don’t use derogatory words like “crap” or “trash”. That said, I do want someone to be very honest about what they liked and didn’t like. What worked, and what needs to be fixed.

My strengths are: writing strong characters and dialogue. My weaknesses are: character introspection and showing enough emotion.

If anyone is interested, let me know. My email address is theliterarymom at (make sure you remove the word at and replace it with the @ sign. Also delete the spaces around the @ They are there to avoid spam). I will reply to everyone who doesn’t send an attachment and who remembers to put the words “Critique partner” in the subject line, even if I don’t choose you.


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