Time Spent Waiting as a Writer

Sometimes, it feels like all my time as a writer is spent waiting for things to happen: waiting for my first draft to be done, waiting for my manuscript to be polished enough to send out, waiting for my synopsis and query letter to be done, and the WORST one of the all; waiting to here back from editors and agents.


Actually, the only time when I’m not waiting for something to happen is when I’m writing, no, make that when I’m lost in the writing. I love that magical time when you don’t feel your fingers hitting the keys, when you don’t see the words appearing on the page, or hear the clatter of the keyboard, or the stench of burnt coffee (Whoops! Remember, folks, don’t leave something on the stove if you’re writing! I know from experience it’s never a good idea.) You’re completely lost in the world you’re creating, the evolution of your character’s lives. For a few brief moments, you are living in a waking dream.


That’s writing. It’s one of the best feelings in the world. That’s why I keep working day after day; that, and because I want to write stories the move people, that make them wish they weren’t over when they get to the last page. That’s why I want to be a writer. I guess I’ll just have to keep waiting for my dream to come true!


2 thoughts on “Time Spent Waiting as a Writer

  1. I think the magical feelings you described of being lost in writing makes all the waiting in the world worth it. Maybe the hardest and longest wait is the wait until we get to experience that “lost in writing” feeling again.

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