More YA Books You’ll like, But….

Okay, so here are some more YA books that I’ve read and enjoyed, but that I had some issues with and so couldn’t put them in my list yesterday. They’re still fun reads, though!


1. The Fallen series by Lauren Kate- (Paranormal romance) I really enjoyed these books, but… I felt like she didn’t wrap things up well. There were lots of questions left dangling, and not in a good way, more like the threads of the story had gotten a little lost. Still, very engaging writing, fun to read, I might even still buy copies, because I liked them that much.


2. The Luxe by Anna Godbersen- (Historical YA Romance) So, I will say this. I knew how it was going to end within the first 5 pages, which was kind of a let down. And the behavior of the characters was highly improbable given the time period. Also, the end wasn’t an end at all, but more of a set-up for the coming squeal, which I disliked. But I did enjoy it. The author does an excellent job transporting you to New York City during the year 1899, showcasing the glittering society in much the same way that regency romances for adults are written. I loved the world.


3. The Wicked Lovely series by Melissa Marr- (Urban fantasy) I LOVE LOVE LOVE these books. They are gritty, dark, intoxicating fantasies that I can’t get enough of. They would have been in my list yesterday except for one small thing. Book two, Ink Exchange, is Leslie’s story. In the first book, Wicked Lovely, she was the main character’s best friend. My main problem is that I feel like this book ended a hundred pages too early. The author doesn’t satisfactorily tell us what happens to Leslie, or really resolve much, and there isn’t another book in the series that does. We’re left hanging. I’ve heard that there is a digital download you can buy that does resolve things, but I haven’t purchased it yet.


4. Generation Dead by Daniel Waters-(Paranormal romance) Okay, I love the idea. Zombies are the living impaired! It was a fun read, but I had two big problems with it. One, the ending was predictable, and two, I felt like the voice of the girls wasn’t accurate, more like a man writing what he thinks two sixteen year old girls might talk about (which I think is the case). Still, it was a good read.


5. The Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare -(urban fantasy)-I really did enjoy these. My only problem is that they seem kind of fluffy, kind of commercial, and the romance was a little disappointing. Still, though, I enjoyed them.


6. Anna and the French kiss by Stephanie Perkins- (contemporary YA romance)_-I really enjoyed this and would read it again. My only problem is that Anna is extremely boy crazy. At one point, St. Clair (the boy) is helping her order from her school cafeteria in French, and says something along the lines of “We’ll have you speaking French in no time.” Anna’s internal dialogue immediately wonders if she wants to learn French at all. Then, the author writes “Argh. Boys make girls into such idiots,” Or something along those lines. This immediately pulled me out of the story. It was like the author was thinking, “Whoops, too much. Let’s try to redeem her a little bit.” If she’s going to be boy crazy, she should just be boy crazy. If you want to show that not all girls are like that, then show that. But that one sentence was clearly the author taking, and not Anna. Otherwise, I really enjoyed this one.


7. The Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer- (paranormal romance) Okay, I read them all, and they were enjoyable, but… I don’t like how Bella constantly relies on Edward for her own physical and mental well-being. I felt like she was weak and dependant, not a good role model for girls.



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