NaNoWriMo: Progress

I got up at 6:45 am this morning to write. I wrote 2,705 words for a total of 12,796. Then during my son’s nap time, I… er… napped. Oh well. I can’t believe I even managed to get up early, since I only got about six hours of sleep, which was interrupted twice by a crying baby. His teeth are bothering him again. They’re his very last molars and they’re taking forever to come through. I’m a little worried, but we’ve got a well-baby visit coming up in just over a week, so unless he starts to act really sick, we’ll see the doctor then.

I feel like the NaNo novel is going well. I’m fighting the urge to go back and read what I’ve written, knowing that for now it’s more important to get the words down on paper. The thing is, I’m coming up to my crisis point, by which I mean 20,000 words. Sometimes it happens a little before, sometimes a little after, but for some reason, at that point I start to think the whole project is crap. It’s happened on every single novel I’ve ever written, so I know it’s coming. The problem is, when I get to that point I often get discouraged and stop writing for a while. On my last novel it happened at 38,000 words, and I stopped for a month, although in my defense, I had lost 34 pages of that project and I didn’t stop until I realized that. I really thought I’d be able to push through on that one, until I lost the pages.

There are two thing I have in my favor for this project: 1. I’m feeling a lot of pressure because I’ve told everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, I’m doing this and 2. It’s the first contemporary YA novel I’ve written and I’m really enjoying it. I feel like it’s just flowing through me. I don’t have to work at the plot at all. I did one YA fantasy before this and built a whole world, culture, society, religion, etc., and enjoyed that as well, but had some trouble with the plot.

As far as writing goes, I’m really trying to concentrate on voice and character introspection, as I feel like those are my weak areas. What about you? How’s your writing going? Does anyone have any tips?


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